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CEAS - Centro de Estudos de Antropologia Social

Centro de Estudos
de Antropologia Social

Edifício ISCTE,
Av. Forças Armadas,
1600-083 Lisboa, Portugal.
Phone: 217903917
Fax: 217903940

CEAS is located in the ISCTE building (Rooms 2N7 and 2N9, 2d floor, North wing, Main Building)

Opening hours to the public:
Tuesday to Thursday from 15h30 to 18h


Since its creation, CEAS has developed research projects (autonomously or within networks) in the following areas: environmental resources, industry and labour, elites, death, health and disease, history of Portuguese anthropology, rural and fishing communities, gypsy communities, popular culture, tourism, identities and social differentiation, education, urban studies, anthropology of organizations, colonial and postcolonial studies, migration, ethnicity and transnationalism. These projects have been developed both in foreign contexts (Cabo Verde, São Tomé, Brazil, Spain, USA, Canada, India, East Timor) and in Portuguese regions.

cs » Research projects

Research projects developed in CEAS.
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cs» Researchers

CEAS research team.
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cs» Nuclei and Groups

CEAS hosts several research groups focused on specific anthropological disciplines – Visual Anthropology, Education, Health, Organizations, Tourism and Heritage, Museum Studies, Media and Performance, Gender, Urban Studies, Postcolonial Studies, Transnationalism and Migrations, among others.
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cs» Research Themes

CEAS follows five main research themes: Primordial Identities and Social Differentiation; Organisations and Urban Anthropology; Anthropology of Education; Colonialism and Postcolonialism; Migration, Ethnicity and Transnationalism.
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